Roller conveyors are valued for stable transportation, easy integration, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and long lifespan. Damon Industry rollers are made of top-quality raw materials: including steel tubes customized strictly according to the provisions of DIN-2394 Welded And Sized Precision Steel Tubes, plastic parts made of international fist class raw materials such as Dupont , optimized chain wheel structure, special bearing for rollers of international quality, outstanding circular welding technique, extreme care and precision in every procedure.

1100 Series Light/Medium Duty Conveyor Roller

1200 Series Universal Conveyor Roller

1500 Series Gravity Steel Tapered Roller

1600 Series Gravity Tapered Sleeve Roller

1800 Series Medium /Heavy Duty Conveyor Roller

2214/2224 Series Polymer Sprocket Conveyor Roller

2230/2240 Series Single/Double Grooved O-belt Conveyor Roller

2250 Series Poly-vee (Poly-V) Conveyor Roller

2260 Series Double Groove O-belt Pulley Conveyor Roller

2280 Series Timing Belt Pulley Conveyor Roller

2311/2321 Series Steel Sprocket Roller with steel bearing

2411/2421 Series Steel Sprocket Roller with polymer

2521 Series Sprocket Steel Tapered Roller

2624 Series Polymer Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Roller

2640 Series Double Grooved Tapered Sleeve Roller

2650 Series Poly-vee (Poly-V) Tapered Sleeve Roller

2660 Series O-belt Wheel Tapered Sleeve Roller

3211/3221 Series Steel Sprocket Accumulating Roller

3214/3224 Series Polymer Sprocket Accumulating Roller

3816/3826 Series Steel Sprocket Adjustable Accumulating Roller