2650 series roller

2650 Series Poly-vee (Poly-V) Tapered Sleeve Roller


Poly-vee drive, high speed, low noise.


Light weight, easy start-up.

Suitable for light & middle duty convey.


1. Based on the 2250 Series, covered with grey polypropylene taper sleeve; abrasion resistant, low noise, shockproof.


2. The poly-vee pulley is located on the head end of the roller which separates the drive area and the conveying area avoiding interference between the poly-vee belt and the conveyed goods.


3. The bearing end cap consists of a precision ball bearing, a polymer housing and end cap seal. Combined they provide an attractive, smooth and quite running roller.


4. The design of the end cap protects the bearings by providing excellent resistance to dust and splashed water.


5. ISO9982 PJ series poly-vee. Total of 9 grooves at 2.34mm pitch.


6. The load capacity of the roller depends on the type of poly-vee belt and ransmission layout. The weight of single items to be conveyed should not exceed 30kg.


7. The roller is light, easy start-up.


8. Temperature range: -5℃ ~ 40℃.

   Humidity available ≥ 30%

   Please contact us if humidity out of this scope.