Official representative of DAMON Industry Europe in Baltic Region


Roller conveyors are valued for stable transportation, easy integration, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and long lifespan. Damon Industry rollers are made of top-quality raw materials: including steel tubes customized strictly according to the provisions of DIN-2394 Welded And Sized Precision Steel Tubes, plastic parts made of international fist class raw materials such as Dupont , optimized chain wheel structure, special bearing for rollers of international quality, outstanding circular welding technique, extreme care and precision in every procedure.


Versatile and easy-to-use flexible conveyors are used to optimize the transportation of cargo, parcels and similar items (boxes, timber, etc.). They are used in wide variety of industries. Expandable conveyors can be easily adapted to various needs: they may be bent in the shape of an S letter or at an angle and a comfortable working height can be set. Depending on the transported loads, the conveyors can be equipped with skate wheels or rollers and can be motorized. These conveyors can be easily transported to desired location, stretched or shortened according to customers needs.


UAB BALTIC ROLLERS is an official representative of Damon Industry Europe for the Baltic region. We offer high quality Damon Industry conveyor rollers, flexible conveyors and other components for conveyor systems.


Our mission is to add value for customer’s logistics systems.


Zhejiang Damon Industry Equipment Co., LTD was established in 2004. Damon Industry, since its establishment, has always been committed to providing the highest quality conveyor rollers and services for a wide range of industries. Damon Industry has manufacturing facilities in Asia, America and Australia, as well as a production center in Europe, Romania. Damon Industry Europe exports its products to the following European countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Italy, Great Britain and others.


Damon Industry conveyor rollers are used in a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, apparel, mail express, logistics and distribution. Damon Industry offers a wide range of reliable and innovative skate wheel solutions. Our dedicated and experienced sales teams and application engineers work to help customers to improve efficiency and reduce costs.